Tesla will no longer let drivers play while driving

Teslas allow gaming on the on-board computer screen while the car is in motion. A feature dedicated to passengers, but which can be used by the driver. Now all games will be blocked. The US government (correctly) considers this feature to be dangerous.

Play or drive, you have to choose. The Tesla’s on-board computer can launch a whole host of games, even Sonic! These tracks can be enjoyed when the car is stationary. However, Tesla introduced the possibility of playing while driving at the end of 2020, but this feature is only for passengers. In theory.

When launching a game on Tesla Arcade, a warning message is displayed. He then asks for confirmation that it is indeed the passenger who is going to have fun. However, nothing prevents the driver from lying. Is it worth pointing out that playing while driving is dangerous, even with the autopilot activated? Similarly, the fact that a passenger is playing right next to the driver can distract the latter, who might be tempted to look at the screen instead of the road.

Tesla will ban games while driving

As pointed out by The Verge, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the American traffic safety authority, launched an investigation into the subject in order to determine the danger of the thing. 580,000 Tesla models are thus evaluated in the United States, Model 3, Model S, Model Y and Model X.

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Tesla takes the lead and announced to block this feature in order to avoid any risk of possible accident. In a future update, playing while the car is in motion will simply be impossible. To play a game, you will have to be stationary. Thus, the passenger and the driver will be able to take advantage of the on-board computer.

Tesla has never hidden his love for video games by introducing many titles into his on-board computer. This is even part of the brand’s communication, which aims to be “cool”. However, it does not push the vice so far as to challenge the US government and will therefore deploy an update to bring itself into compliance.

Source: The Verge

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