Tesla will mine bitcoin in sunny Texas

Using renewable energy to mine bitcoin is the idea behind a new project led by Tesla, Block (formerly Square) and Blockstream, which will install zero-emissions infrastructure in Texas.

Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies have a bad reputation for consuming a lot of energy when it should rather be reduced to avoid worsening climate change. And unfortunately, the calculations necessary for the crypto mining process will be increasingly heavy: it therefore always requires more energy. A vicious circle…

Sun to mine bitcoin

Since it is obviously not possible to abandon cryptocurrencies altogether, one possible solution is to exploit renewable energies. Tesla, Block and Blockstream have therefore announced the construction of a bitcoin mine in West Texas. The American state, very open to the crypto sector, enjoys ideal conditions: lots of sun, lots of wind.

The mining infrastructure will draw its energy from a solar farm installed by Tesla, which produces 3.8 megawatts of energy. A Megapack, a sort of giant battery, will be installed by Tesla alongside the panels to store all this electricity. The main idea is to demonstrate that it is possible to create a bitcoin mine using only renewable energy.

And to prove it, the installation will put online a dashboard visible to all, which will give real-time information on the capacities of the mine: performance, energy consumption, total number of bitcoins mined. A second version will display the performance of the solar panels and the Megapack. This will give ideas to anyone who would like to start a zero-emission mining activity in Texas…

If the project achieves its initial objectives, the mine will expand and could be powered by wind power. Adding the wind to the energy mix will make it possible to compensate when the sun is not there, or not enough.

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