Tesla will close the car windows if it’s parked and it starts raining

Tesla cars have brought a huge boost of modernity to the automotive market. In addition to forcing brands out of conventional orbit, Elon Musk’s company has packed big features into small vehicles. For example, sentry mode, dog mode, key card, etc. In some cases, all you had to do was ask Elon Musk on Twitter and things popped up.

A supposed tram owner asked the CEO to add a feature to automatically close the car windows when it’s raining and the car is parked. There is already an answer.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded to a request on Twitter

There are little new things in Tesla cars that are real gems when it comes to helping drivers. We won’t even talk about the driver assistance system, or the HEPA filter with “biological weapon defense mode”.

Let’s talk about simple things, like having a mode that cools your pet down when they’re alone in the car. Or that mode that lets your car record all the activity around it and inside when you’re away. Simple things that have helped thousands of drivers.

In that regard, one owner took to Musk’s channel of excellence, Twitter, to ask him to include a new feature in his software. Basically, the man wants the car to sense that it’s raining (which it already does to activate the wiper system) and, if parked, close the windows.

Simple, right? But it is also the simple Summon mode, or the sensor that detects “forgotten children” inside vehicles.

Although the response from the company’s strongman was quite laconic, this advice generally does not fall on deaf ears. Most likely in a future version of the cars firmware, the rain will no longer wet the machine when the owner leaves it with the windows open on a rainy day.

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