Tesla updates the Model S and X screen. It becomes rotatable

Although the original plan was to offer a tilting screen, the screens of the new Model S and Model X had remained fixed until now.

When Tesla first announced the Model S and Model X refresh, the new design included an all-new 17-inch center screen with the ability to tilt left-to-right. However, models produced later did not feature the modification.

The rotating screen in operation in a Tesla (screenshot} – Credits: Twitter/@TeslaFrunk

Just before deliveries began, the manufacturer removed everything that could refer to this addition from its site.

A delayed project

It can be assumed that Tesla encountered a concern in terms of supplying the necessary partsand in order not to fall behind would have simply overlooked innovation.

The dismantling of this part of the vehicle seemed to confirm this theory. It appeared that models purchased after this update actually included the parts allowing the screen to rotate. With the exception of the motor supposed to drive it.

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Tesla began to include all the necessary hardware

The latest vehicles produced by the firm finally include all the necessary elements, including the small rotary engine. Nevertheless, users are not yet able to make it work.

It’s unclear if Tesla will provide a retrofit for older vehicles. As for vehicles that already have the required hardware, an upcoming update should allow it to be controlled via the UI. A video posted today on Twitter shows the process in working order.

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It looks like rotating the display will be done by pressing a new button added to the commands menu. The new button appears to be called “Display” and replaces the Glovebox button. Tapping on it gives you three options, left, center, or right. If you press the desired direction, the display then moves slowly to the desired position.

The change allows for a better driver-centric experience, but the extent to which it can swivel to the right also makes it perfect for the front passenger to use the screen.

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Source: Electrek

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