Tesla to consider Apple AirPlay support and lossless audio

Tesla cars do not support Apple Music or CarPlay, but they could support AirPlay and lossless audio. In any case, this is what Elon Musk suggests.

Soon AirPlay on Tesla?

A user asked Elon Musk on Twitter if Tesla could add support for Apple AirPlay, as well as lossless audio. “The necessary equipment is already there”, notes the Internet user. The boss of Tesla him replied indicating : “I will be discussing this and other improvements with Tesla audio engineers. The new audio system in Model S and X is amazing”.

The leader therefore does not seem closed to the idea, which is a good thing for all those of an Apple product like the iPhone. We know that the automaker and the iPhone manufacturer are not on very good terms, with Elon Musk who has repeatedly attacked the company led by Tim Cook.

Recently, a developer managed to offer Apple CarPlay on his Tesla. But this is a hack that involves using a Raspberry Pi. It requires running a custom version of Android, which itself runs CarPlay. The project is available now for all hackers, information can be found on this dedicated article.

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