Tesla targets annual production of 2.5 million vehicles by 2025

You’re here begins an important step in this year 2022 with the opening of two new factories. The first has just been launched at Berlinin Germany, after an administrative and media soap opera at the height of the whimsical boss of the brand. The second site is located at Austinto Texas, and has just been inaugurated. These two factories are added to those of Fremont (California) and Shanghai (China). As the institute points out Inovev through its data, the opening of new industrial sites became imperative for Tesla, whose sales took off almost everywhere in the world. The global context favorable to the electric vehicle and the arrival of Model 3 and Model Y enabled the brand to manufacture 930 000 cars in the world in 2021. With production capacities of 500 000 units per year for each of its two factories, the brand therefore reached the limit of the two sites.

Industrial plan

The entry into service of the Berlin and Austin factories is therefore essential for Tesla. The German site should reach an annual production of 250 000 cars and the one in Austin should ensure 500 000 units from 2023. By the middle of next year, the brand should therefore benefit from a total capacity of 1.75 million of vehicles. A number that would allow him to enter among the qeleven world’s leading manufacturers. However, this is only one step for Tesla, which counts double its production to Shanghai within two years and reach the 500 000 cars on its production lines German. A growth that would give it a total capacity of 2.5 million cars from 2025divided between 1 million of units to Eunited states, 1 million copies in China and 500 000 cars in Europe. This increase in production should benefit current models but also allow the arrival of the pick-up cybertruck from 2023. The latter, more oriented towards the American market, should be assembled in Austin.

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