Tesla suspends sales of Model S and Model X in Europe

If you were considering buying a Model S, you will have to be patient. The Californian manufacturer has blocked orders for its large sedan, as well as for its Model X, in Europe.
Indeed, for several weeks, Tesla’s online configurator indicated a significant delay in delivery, especially on the Model S and X updated at the start of the year. According to our colleagues fromClean Automotivethe situation would have evolved further in recent hours since the order taking is simply suspended for these two models.

Delivery end of 2022?

Tesla would have even contacted recent buyers of its vehicles to provide them with further explanations and, above all, to reassure them. Indeed, several customers would have received an email following their order. In this official communication, the manufacturer promises deliveries for the second half of 2022 and confirms the suspension of sales in most countries, with the exception of North America.

Also see video:

Also see video:

Finally, Tesla indicates that the price of its cars will remain unchanged, even if the legislation were to change. In other words, in the event of suspension or reduction of the ecological bonus between now and the delivery of the vehicles, the manufacturer undertakes to apply the price estimated at the time of the order.
Finally, since the final wait time could reach almost two years, Tesla offers, as a last resort, an outright refund to dissatisfied customers.

Source : Clean car

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