Tesla stages the delivery of the first European Model Y SUVs in France

On the occasion of the delivery of the first “German” Model Y SUVs in France (six, in total), Tesla put on a show by featuring the fastest served customers.

What major global brand doesn’t advertise today? Whether in textiles, agri-food, electronics or transport, any large brand needs to communicate on traditional media (TV, radio, Internet). But not Tesla, which doesn’t invest in advertising the way automotive competitors can. The only operations that the brand organizes are relatively light, like this staging of the delivery of the first Model Y “Made in Germany” to French customers, yesterday, gathered for the occasion.

Tesla Model Y performance

Tesla is currently focusing on the most high-end versions. Six Model Y Performance (all black) produced in Germany have been delivered to French customers who will benefit from a little over 500 km of autonomy and a more practical model than the Model 3 (tailgate and larger trunk), but just as fast with a 0 to 100 in 3.7 seconds. The Long Autonomy version, much less powerful, has barely 19 km of additional autonomy, but asks for €4,000 less (€62,990). Remember that the Model Y has also recently undergone a price increase. For both, in any case, the announced delivery times are relatively “short”: May 2022 for Long Autonomy and July 2022 for Performance.

The launch of the production of the German Gigafactory will have been several months late, the fault of administrative and environmental obstacles which complicated the life of an Elon Musk visibly annoyed with the situation. Now is the time to ramp up, for a production site that should allow Tesla to easily exceed one million sales in 2022.

Published on 04/01/2022 Updated 04/01/2022

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