Tesla spies on its employees from Facebook

In recent times, the staff of large companies have tried to unionise. Amazon and Apple are currently working to prevent their staff from forming a union. Now another American company, You’re here, do the same. According to reports, Tesla hired a PR firm 3 or 4 years ago to monitor employees on facebook. The company does this to prevent its workers from forming a union. Documents show that in 2017 and 2018, when some workers tried to unionize at the factory Tesla of Fremont, CaliforniaTesla paid the consulting firm MWWPR to have a Facebook group. The objective of the firm is to monitor and know the anchor points of the union. In general, the firm monitors all Tesla employees on social media at large.

The two things that MWW PR pays particular attention to are: discussions alleging unfair labor practices at Tesla, and discussions of sexual harassment lawsuits. Although Tesla’s spying on employees took place years ago, analysts say it’s not surprising. Indeed, it is difficult to “understand Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s priorities on social media”.

As we all know, Musk recently reached an agreement for buy Twitter for $44 billion. For years, Musk has relied on Twitter to promote his business, mocking or criticizing those seen as enemies, including short sellers, whistleblowers, the UAW, journalists and elected officials of the Democratic Party.

you're here

A spokesperson for MWW PR told CNBC: “ MWW consulted with Tesla in 2017-2018 on an extensive employee communications engagement during a period of rapid company growth. It is common practice to examine media coverage and public social conversation about a company to gain insight into issues and stakeholder perceptions about the brand.

In response to user feedback, Musk promised Tesla would launch a new feature. This new feature will help users to automatically close any open window when rain is detected. This is to avoid moisture in the car. According to Elon Musk, responding to a Tesla Full-Self-Driving beta tester, this feature will be available soon.

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