Tesla: Shanghai factory workers confined to military camp

The scene is impressive, but it is necessary to meet the demands of the Chinese government. As explained BNN Bloomberg, thousands of Chinese workers working in Tesla’s Gigafactory in Shanghai are confined to military camps. Blame it on Covid-19, when the city had been completely confined since the beginning of April due to the upsurge in cases. As part of a plan by the electric car manufacturer, employees are therefore quarantined for 48 to 72 hours in this camp to meet government requirements. This is the only way for them to join their colleagues inside the “bubble” of the Tesla factory.

For Tesla, it is necessary to resume production after the closure of the Gigafactory in early March due to the Covid. This group, currently in the military camp, must come to support the first part of the employees who returned to the site in mid-April. Since then, they have been sleeping on the floor of the Gigafactory and working twelve-hour days, six days a week. The others will be accommodated in nearby factories where there are toilets and showers, specifies BNN Bloomberg. Tesla wants to return to a normal production rate, but is facing difficulties imposed by the government.

Employees away from their families

Indeed, while the world is gradually coming back to life, the zero Covid strategy is still de rigueur in China, with daily tests to eradicate the virus, with more or less success. In the Gigafactory, this “closed loop” system seems to be working, but it is the employees who suffer the consequences. They still remain confined, in a way, cut off from their families, undergo the famous tests and do nothing but work. Nevertheless, for Tesla, the market is essential in China. According to BNN Bloombergthe plant can produce up to 2,100 vehicles per day in normal times and supplies the domestic market as well as Asia and Europe.

But, since the confinement imposed in Shanghai, the pace has been greatly reduced. According to Tesla executives, the return to normal is not for now. We will have to wait at least another month to reach full production. In fact, the measures have been relaxed in the city, which confined its 25 million inhabitants for almost two months, but the restrictions remain. In order to leave their apartment, residents still need to obtain passes. Whether it’s restaurants or other businesses, the doors of most establishments are still closed.

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