Tesla service manuals are free again

Every day, more and more new Tesla vehicles hit the road around the world. Each new vehicle represents an additional burden for Tesla service centers, which are already struggling to keep up with the company’s rapid growth.

Relieve pressure on service centers

In what could be an effort to help relieve some of that pressure, Tesla opened up access and returned all of its free service manuals on its website.

But beware, Tesla continues to charge for access to its diagnostic software, i.e. $500 or €472 for a 30-day subscription and $3,000 or €2,834 for an annual subscription. Prices that remain quite high. The advantage, however, with a Tesla is that it’s solid.

Normally, you shouldn’t have to use this software too much…

How do I access the service manuals?

To access service manuals, go to service.tesla.com, click the “Sign Up Now” button, and sign in with your Tesla Account credentials. You can then choose a 365-day subscription to “Information on maintenance and repairs” for $0.

Once you have placed your order, you will then have immediate access to manuals and information. on repairs for the entire line of Tesla vehicles. In the Model 3 section, you have access to the service manual, parts manual, fix codes and times, circuit and connector reference, service bulletins, and more. Enough to have the tools in hand to show a little autonomy with your car!

The possibility of getting acquainted with Tesla for other centers

Having all this information open will not only help owners who want to work on their car themselves, but also third-party repair shops to become familiar with Tesla repairs and procedures.

Vehicles now more vulnerable to cyberattacks?

Tesla has been criticized in the past for not making this information widely available, and has even fought right to repair legislation in the United States. fearing that it will make its vehicles more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

It’s unclear whether this free access is a mistake or a permanent decision by the automaker. Tesla has opened up free access to service manuals and diagnostic software in the past, but apparently that was a mistake and the flaw was quickly patched within hours of being reported.

We can nevertheless assume that this time it is a conscious choice to allow Tesla owners more autonomy. Easing the current pressure on the brand’s service centers is obviously the main reason. However, let’s hope the company’s concerns don’t materialize with cyberattacks. Since Tesla vehicles are particularly connected compared to others, they are necessarily more vulnerable.

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