Tesla recalls over 800,000 cars over seatbelt issues

Tesla just announced the recall of more than 800,000 cars over technical issues with the seatbelt chime. This defect concerns the audible alarm which should normally sound when the driver and passengers forget to fasten their seat belts.

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Decidedly, the infernal spiral of Tesla does not stop. Indeed and as reported by our colleagues from the Associated Press, Tesla has just launched the recall of 817,143 cars due to a defect in seat belt chime functionality. This is the audible alarm system which should sound when the driver and/or passengers have not fastened their seat belts.

According to the recall, all 2021 Model 3, Model Y, Model S and Model X have a “software error” that prevents the chime from sounding when the vehicle is startedeven if the seat belt is not engaged. This malfunction can become permanent by closing the door after leaving the vehicle.

The automaker plans to correct the problem via an OTA update at the beginning of February 2022. No injuries were caused by this concern. Note that the visual alert, a logo that appears on the infotainment screen, still appears correctly. South Korean Autopilot beta testers discovered the issue on January 6, 2022. Tesla then investigated and deemed a recall necessary on January 25, 2022.

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This recall comes at the worst time for Tesla

As you can see, this is admittedly a recall for a minor bug, but the timing couldn’t be worse for the Californian brand. It comes at a time when reminders and controversies surrounding numerous technical issues have tarnished the manufacturer’s image. On February 1, Tesla was forced to recall 54,000 cars due to a feature called Rolling Stop on the FSD. In particular, it made it possible not to respect Stop signs under certain conditions.

Eventually, Tesla removed the Rolling Stop via FSD Update 10.10 rolling out this Thursday, February 3, 2022. Additionally, complaints of instances of phantom braking with Autopilot enabled have increased over the past three months. About 100 formal complaints have been filed with NHTSAthe American federal agency in charge of road safety. Then in December 2021, Tesla issued another major recall for major trunk and rear-view camera malfunctions on Model 3 and Model S.

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