Tesla recalls more than 48,000 Model 3 Performance cars over speed display issue

Tesla must recall more than 48,000 Model 3 Performance. The affected electric cars potentially have a problem with the speed display. Drivers can still drive, but electric cars do not comply with legal standards.

Tesla’s recalls come when electric cars run into problems, whatever they may be. For example, Tesla secretly recalled Model 3s and Model Ys that had suspension issues last year. This time, Tesla recalls exactly 48,184 Model 3 Performance that were assembled between 2018 and 2022 in the USA. It’s technically a recall, but unlike other automakers, Tesla just needs to roll out a software update remotely.

Tesla Model 3 – Credit: Charlie Deets / Unsplash

The 48,184 Model 3 Performance vehicles concerned have potentially a problem with the speed display. When the electric car is in Track mode, its screen displays the speed at which it is driving. However, it does not display the corresponding unit. The screen does not specify if it is km/h or mph. Drivers can therefore still drive their Model 3. However, their car does not comply with the federal motor vehicle safety standard.

Tesla has already rolled out a software update to fix the Model 3 Performance issue

The NHTSA website, which is the federal agency responsible for road safety, indicates that ” the driver cannot know how fast the vehicle is going without the display of the mph or km/h unit, which increases the risk of an accident “. This display bug only occurs when Track mode is enabled. Reserved for Model 3 PerformanceTrack mode is used to increase vehicle performance and handling while driving on closed circuits “, according to Tesla.

Owners of electric cars impacted by the recall should just wait. the arrival of the software patch. They don’t need to go to the garage like they did with the power steering issue. Indeed, 15,000 Model Xs had been recalled two years ago for the preventive change of a part.

Finally, Tesla confirmed thata software update for Track Mode is being rolled out since April 19. Model 3 Performance owners who haven’t received it yet will get it soon. Moreover, no accident caused by this problem of display of electric cars has been reported for the moment.

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