Tesla opens reservations for its electric truck

Unveiled in November 2017, Tesla’s first electric truck, the Semi, is still a mystery.

Still in the testing phase before the project is finalized and put into production, the American electric truck is still being desired.

Equipped with 4680 batteries, cells that should save weight without losing capacity, the Tesla Semi will be available in two versions. The most accessible, which will offer a range of 300 miles (i.e. approximately 480 km) is expected at $150,000 (€143,000), while a second version offering 500 miles of range (800 km) should be marketed at 180 $000 (about €171,000).

Expected for the next few months, the Tesla electric truck seems to be getting closer. In any case, this is what the announcement of the American brand suggests, which has just opened reservations for its zero-emission heavyweight. The vehicle can therefore be reserved against a deposit of $20,000 (just over €19,000).
With such a high-placed entry ticket, Tesla intends to convert each reservation into an effective order in order to produce only vehicles that have already been sold. A strategy that should allow Tesla to produce the vehicle on demand, and to better manage its production.

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