Tesla opens its superchargers in five new European countries

Tesla announces the extension of its program to open Supercharger stations to vehicles from other brands. Launched last fall as an experiment in the Netherlands, it was extended at the beginning of the year to sixteen stations in France. New expansion today, this time with no less than five new countries concerned in Europeagain based on a selection of superchargers: Belgium, Great Britain, Spain, Austria and Sweden.

The map of superchargers open to all vehicles in Europe on the left, details of a supercharger located not far from Madrid in Spain on the right.

There are currently thirteen stations open in Spain, nine in Belgium, fifteen in the United Kingdom, ten in Austria and a good twenty in Sweden. Eventually, Tesla should open all of its charging stations or close to it, as it did in the Netherlands where all superchargers can be used by all vehicles. In France, two additional locations have been added since the beginning of the year, with Montauban and Beaune Nord which are open to everyone.

Remember that the principle is the same everywhere: the Tesla app is mandatory to charge without a car designed by the manufacturer, because the terminals do not contain any device for payment. Interested drivers will have to create an account and above all enter a means of payment in the app (credit card or bank account). For the charge itself, you must enter the chosen terminal number in the app and start charging from this same interface.

On the price side, customers of other brands can opt for a monthly subscription billed at € 12.99 per month without commitment, which then allows them to benefit from the same price as Tesla drivers. Otherwise, you have to pay more, for example €0.68 per kWh at the Le Mans supercharger, compared to €0.5 for Tesla customers and subscribers. Anyone can pay an unjustified charge of €1 per minute if a car is left plugged in without charging and the station is full.

The Le Mans 2 supercharger is one of two that is open to vehicles of all brands (image MacGeneration).

Importantly, only electric car owners in countries participating in this experiment can charge in the open superchargers. For the moment, Swiss or German drivers, for example, are deprived of it, on the other hand you will be able to benefit from it towards the north as well as towards the south if you read us from Belgium. All the details are available here.


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