Tesla opens its entire Supercharger network in the Netherlands

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After a test period of just over three months, the entire network of Superchargers in the Netherlands is opening up to other electric cars.

Last November, Tesla threw a stone into the pond by officially announcing the opening of its Superchargers to all electric cars equipped with a Combo-CCS socket. And although the program is still in the trial phase, all stations in the Netherlands are now opening their doors to other cars.

While Tesla has just launched its pilot program in France, electric car drivers in the Netherlands will be delighted to hear the news: the American brand, through Jeroen Van Tilburg, the local head of the network, has just announce the opening of all Superchargers in the country to all electric cars.

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Towards a total opening of Superchargers in France

This represents a total of 36 stations which can now accommodate cars equipped with a Combo-CCS port for fast charging. The procedure to be able to connect to one of the coveted Superchargers does not differ, as does the price list.

This announcement confirms that Tesla will undoubtedly never back down. What seems to be happening as planned in the Netherlands should therefore soon arrive in France: over the next few weeks, more and more stations could open to other cars in France.

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