Tesla makes progress on recycling electric car batteries

Try Tesla making progress on recycling electric car batteries?

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Recycling electric car batteries is becoming a real challenge for manufacturers. This is why Tesla has improved its performance at this level in 2021.

It was in its Impact Report 2021 that Tesla announced good news about the recycling of battery materials from its cars. With criticism of the use of rare minerals around the electric car, it has become a crucial issue.

And in 2021, Tesla has made progress in the treatment of its batteries, with the recycling of 92% of the materials in total. The recycling rate has increased slightly, but the quantities of recycled materials are significantly higher.

The brand thus processed 1,500 tonnes of nickel, compared to 1,300 the previous year. Cobalt recycling fell from 80 tonnes in 2020 to 200 tonnes in 2021, while copper recycling fell from 400 tonnes to 300 tonnes.

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If this recycling concerns materials from manufacturing, Tesla soon expects to recycle old batteries. Indeed, with the ten years of the Model S, the firm will be able to recover the packs of the first generations in greater numbers.

Thus, Tesla plans to implement a circular economy and promises to recycle 100% of batteries. “None of our discarded batteries will end up in a landfill”can we read.

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