Tesla lands in Pulnoy (Lorraine)!

Not via its charging stations but a “Tesla Service Center”

Superchargers are already available in Houdemont and Laxou. plus a garage for overhauls and repairs!

It will open in the former Opel garage, after the Porte Verte area of ​​Essey-lès-Nancy, towards Cerville.

The opening date is still unknown

Work to fit out these vacant premises has started. However, the precise date of opening of the garage is still unknown…

“I think there are still a few weeks to go,” notes Mayor Marc Ogiez. He sees this as good news in terms of trade for his municipality.

The Tesla garage is hiring

The French branch of Elon Musk’s group is currently recruiting for this future site, since positions for supervisor, after-sales service manager and service manager, operations coordination, automotive technician and sales advisor have been published.

Once opened, it will be the first in Lorraine

Tesla owners previously had to go near Strasbourg or Luxembourg to have their electric car repaired. It is now over, and for the greatest happiness of all!

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