Tesla is preparing a backpack inspired by the Cybertruck that a fan has already created

Are Tesla cars too expensive for you? Never mind, the car manufacturer also offers accessories and merchandising that are often out of the ordinary! The next Tesla branded product could also be a Cybertruck design backpack.

Clothing, smartphone chargers, model vehicles, mugs, bottles, umbrellas, belt buckles… Tesla merchandising knows no bounds! So it would not be surprising to see a backpack appear in the car manufacturer’s catalog one day or another.

Fans to the rescue

Tesla is also considering this very seriously, since the company has registered the CYBERBACKPACK brand, in the category of “bags for books and bags for schools”. The name suggests that this (probable) backpack will look like the Cybertruck, the pickup whose production should begin sometime next year, Elon Musk recently announced.

If so, then this bag will surely be very similar to the one already made by Riz, a Tesla fan tiktoker! There is an angular design reminiscent of the very original Cybertruck.

Even better, this unofficial backpack is on sale, priced at $199. A high price, but which is explained by the carbon fiber shell with a waterproof and anti-scratch coating. It also includes a code security system, an anti-theft pocket and a USB charging port!

Credit: Cyberbackpack

Inside are multiple storage compartments for a laptop (up to 17.3 inches!), tablet, cables, and more. It is also possible to stretch it in width, so it can go from 11 to 16 cm thanks to an expandable inner lining. With the trademark filing, it is not certain that this bag will remain on sale.

Credit: Cyberbackpack

It wouldn’t be the first time the Cybertruck has inspired an accessory. Tesla thus markets a whistle that looks a lot like the pick-up!

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