Tesla is backtracking and will block video games while its cars are driving

Eventually, you won’t be able to play video games while your Tesla is driving. The American manufacturer should very soon offer an update blocking its “Passenger Play” functionality, available since a December 2020 update on the Tesla Model S, X, Y and 3 and which, as its name suggests, allows passengers to play video games on the center console while the car is moving.

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The American manufacturer thus takes the bull by the horns to avoid unnecessary controversy, in response to an investigation launched by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about this function. In total, some 580,000 vehicles were included in the NHTSA investigation.

The American equivalent of our road safety indeed estimates that the functionality can represent a source of distraction for the driver and thus increase the risks of accident. If the function displays a warning asking if the user is indeed a passenger, nothing prevents a driver seated behind the wheel from validating the window to play while the vehicle is moving.

Source: The Verge

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