Tesla is allowed to open its Berlin Gigafactory

After many adventures, Tesla has just been authorized to build its Gigafactory in Berlin after more than two years of negotiations with local and environmental authorities.

After multiple twists and administrative back and forth over several months, the Brandenburg state government issued a press release stating that Tesla’s Giga Berlin project had received environmental approval.

Up to 500,000 Tesla produced per year

The State of Brandenburg gave Tesla a document explaining the next steps to follow to start producing your vehicles.

The documents provide several details related to the plans, including Tesla’s production ambitions, namely 500,000 cars per year. But that’s not all, since we learn that the Gigafactory will be equipped a wastewater treatment systemand that it will also be provided several workshops and laboratories for the production of battery cells.

MAlthough it took more than two years to get the final environmental green light, it was ultimately quite quick compared to previous German approvals. The German Environment Minister, Alex Vogel, also congratulated his administration in the face of the multiple pressures suffered in recent years to speed up the construction of this plant:

“As a state administration, you have always placed emphasis on technical requirements, the level of environmental protection, the protection of the general public and the neighborhood against dangers, even under the pressure of a great public interest and unreasonable harassment, as well as on the legal certainty of the procedure…”

A calendar already defined

Tesla can therefore now continue the entire construction process without any interference. However, the brand cannot yet start producing its models until it has completed the necessary steps described in the documentss.

Full details can be viewed by following this link, with plenty of information on the steps that will follow before production of the first European Teslas begins.

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