Tesla initiative rewards owner with unique gift

A user shares for the first time an exclusive initiative for Tesla. Indeed, this is the first time that the manufacturer has opened up the possibility of sending digital content into space.

What is particularly new in this communication is the link between SpaceX and Tesla. Even if according to our information, the electric car manufacturer has already invited owners to SpaceX launches.

A popular trend

Space has always been an object of passion. For several decades, initiatives of this type have met with great success.

For 10 years, NASA has allowed everyone to send content for free through a web interface.

Private initiatives like Toucan Space make it possible to send objects into space with a Start-up spirit.

An initiative that exposes the innovation of the founder

This initiative clearly suggests a rapprochement between the activities of Elon Musk. There were many rumors of an X group that would take the example of the Alphabet group.

It is clear that connections of this type are not new with Model Xs that accompany SpaceX astronauts and a Tesla Roadster that served as Starman.

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