Tesla increases the price of the Model 3 in France

Tesla increased the price of the Model 3 Propulsion in France overnight: the basic model is now sold for €44,990 excluding bonuses, an increase of €1,190 compared to the price in force since January 2021. This is a logical and even expected increase, France being an exception in Europe with one of the lowest prices on this car. But this increase is strategically calibrated according to the local ecological bonus and the slightest option switches the vehicle to the reduced bonus of €2,000, which means that the increase will then be much higher for customers.

The Model 3 Propulsion is sold for €38,990 without options, but from €44,180 with the slightest option, such as a color on the right.

The ecological bonus offered by the French State is indeed €6,000 for electric vehicles under €45,000 and €2,000 for those sold for less than €60,000. With the new base price, Tesla keeps a Model 3 on the maximum bonus, but the lesser option switches the car to the reduced bonus, with a much sharper increase. For the end customer, the white Model 3 is sold at €38,990 against €37,800 until yesterday.

A black, blue, red or gray Model 3, on the other hand, goes to €46,180 excluding bonus, which places it on the reduced bonus and asks the customer for €44,180. Yesterday again, this same car was sold for €38,990, this time the increase amounts to €5,190! This is an expensive option and it’s a safe bet that we will see even more white Model 3s on French roads.

This increase was expected, but we note that Tesla France managed to keep a model below the €45,000 mark to continue selling a car with the maximum bonus. A strategy already implemented on the Model Y, this time with the reduced bonus: the SUV is sold in France at €59,990, €10 under the limit to benefit from the bonus. The French price for these two models thus remains lower than the average in Europe, but the difference is now less important.

My Model 3 took over €6,000 in less than a year! (image MacGeneration)

In addition to these adjustments from Tesla, it should be remembered that the ecological bonus will be reduced from July and will drop by €1,000 on both levels. Knowing that the Model 3 Propulsion without options will not be delivered until November, its true price should now be €39,990, unless Tesla manages to invoice before the end of September. Billing normally occurs just before delivery, but perhaps the company will make an exception this time.


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