Tesla improves one-pedal driving with software update

Tesla offers a new update to its customers, allowing them to take advantage of new features related in particular to charging and autonomy.

Since its inception, Tesla has regularly updated its vehicles, most often remotely. New features are then added to existing ones, in order to improve safety but also the experience of users, more and more numerous while the Tesla Model 3 is still the best-selling electric car in the world. As with smartphones, all you have to do is download the update the most recent.

And for that, no need to go to a dealership or a garage, since everything is done remotely, without the intervention of anyone. For the past few days, a new update has just been available, offering its share of developments. baptized 2022.16.0.2, it includes several new features, relating in particular to charging but also to improving autonomy and driver profiles.

A more accurate range estimate

Among the main novelties of this update, the possibility of calculating with more precision the consumption and the remaining autonomy as we talked about in a previous news. Indeed, as Tesla points out, the software now takes into account new parameters, in a predictive way, such as wind strength and direction, but also humidity and ambient temperature. Previously, cars only took into account the temperature (but only instantaneously), the topographic profile of the road, the use of air conditioning or heating as well as the predicted speed.

Improved one-pedal driving

The other great novelty of this update is the possibility for the mechanical brake to assist regenerative braking in certain cases. Indeed, when the battery is cold or full, the regenerative braking is weaker than when the battery is hot or not fully charged. In these cases, drivers therefore had to use the brake pedal since regenerative braking no longer allowed one-pedal driving. With this update, the car will apply light mechanical braking to give the driver the impression of getting the usual regenerative braking. Enough to avoid unpleasant surprises while allowing the driver to enjoy one-pedal driving.

Some additional improvements

In addition to displaying the occupancy rate of Superchargers, the infotainment system is now able to estimate the waiting time. A new function that is particularly useful when approaching major holiday departures. It will then be possible to modify the itinerary if the time is too long.

In addition to improving the experience around the recharge, this new update also includes an evolution of driver profiles, now even more complete. Indeed, it is now possible for each user to link their own multimedia accounts such as Spotify or Netflix, which was not the case until now. All you have to do is switch from one profile to another to find your playlists.

This update is already available and all you have to do is download it to access all these new features.

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