Tesla finally adds a swivel screen to its Model S, finished wringing its neck to see better

It looks like Tesla has added a new rotating dashboard to its latest Model S. That’s according to a video of a motorist named Larry Li, who shows a screen that can be rotated, if desired. , towards the driver or towards the passenger. It is very likely that all new vehicles will be equipped with it.

Credits: Larry Li via Twitter

Since last year, Tesla has been stepping up its efforts to improve one of the best features of its vehicles: the dashboard. The manufacturer caused a sensation last year by presenting its new infotainment system, as it likes to call it. It must be said that the latter is much more than a driving assistant. With performance equivalent to that of a PS5, it is also a true companion for passengers.

Despite all these qualities, the dashboard is the victim of an ugly defect: it is immobile. So much so that it is sometimes difficult to see clearly, whether you are in the driver’s or passenger seat. But that was before. Indeed, everything suggests that the new Model S are equipped with a screen capable of pivoting to one side or the other of the dashboard. This is in any case what shows a promising video posted on Twitter.

Model S dashboard can now rotate

As you can see in the video below, it is therefore possible to rotate the screen towards the driver’s seat or towards the passenger seat. In this way, one or the other can have a better view of what is displayed, from the angle of course, but also by eliminating any reflections that may become embedded. While the angle of rotation doesn’t seem extreme either, it’s a nice little addition that will make life easier for users.

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Larry Li, author of the video, specifies in his tweet that this screen is available on the Model S 2021. In addition, the car in his possession was produced in April 2022. We therefore imagine that this new dashboard should be available on all Model S starting today. Note, however, that the automated front cover that can be seen is a personal modification made by Larry Li.

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