Tesla explodes the meters, an electric Nissan “made in France” … the JT Auto

Faced with the new surge in fuel prices that has raged since the beginning of the year, the government is still coming to the aid of motorists. Jean Castex has announced a 10% increase in the mileage fee scale to help French people who need their car for business trips. This new measure, which should be applied this week, will concern 4.3 million households, or 5.6 million people declaring their actual costs. According to a government spokesperson, the average tax gain is estimated at 150 euros per year and per tax household. In your opinion, is the government taking the right measures in the face of rising fuel prices? This is the question of the week, which you can answer at the end of this article.

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This surge at the pump benefits another fuel: E85 bioethanol. Sold at half the price of traditional petrol (SP95), this “green” fuel saw its consumption increase by more than 30% last year. The French are also more and more likely to be tempted. According to the Bioethanol Collective, sales of E85 boxes have doubled in 2021.

However, bioethanol could face several obstacles in the future. The first concerns anti-pollution standards, which should be seriously tightened over the next 5 years. The second is the Court of Auditors which, in a recent report, questioned the tax advantage enjoyed by bioethanol.

In this JT Auto, we will also talk about Tesla which, despite a year 2021 marked by the shortage of semiconductors, exploded the meters. The American brand recorded a record profit of 5.5 billion dollars for a turnover of around 54 billion dollars. To continue on this good momentum, Elon Musk, the famous boss of the brand, wants to concentrate his resources for the production of the existing models in 2022 in order to meet the strong demand, in particular the Model 3 and the new SUV Model Y. He has therefore excluded any new launches this year.

The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance is also betting on the electric car. The group has announced its roadmap for 2030, including an investment of 23 billion euros over the next 5 years and the launch of 35 new electric models by the end of this decade. Among them, there is the future Nissan Micra which will therefore become a 100% electric car. It will also be based on the same platform as the future Renault 5 and will be produced in France, in Douai, in Renault’s new industrial center called “ElectriCity”.

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