Tesla eliminates standard chargers in its vehicles

Considered too little used, Tesla has decided to remove the default presence of its mobile connectors in its vehicles in the United States.

This announcement had the effect of a bomb! On Twitter, Tesla CEO Elon Musk – of which he is now the majority shareholder – announced that mobile connectors for charging your vehicle will no longer be included as standard when purchasing an electric vehicle from the manufacturer. A fact that does not apply, for the moment, than in the US market. For him : “Usage statistics are very low. On the bright side, we’ll be including more adapters with the Mobile Connector Kit. »

The first Tesla Mobile Connector available from $200

Now, the mobile connector is about to experience a price drop, going from 275 to 200 US dollars (about 184 euros). This is Gen 2. The most expensive climbs up to $400 (around €369). Elon Musk assures that it is very easy to order them at the same time as a vehicle. Again, this measure is valid only in the United States for now.

A charger not always essential

The Mobile Connector is not not necessarily necessary to can charge your Tesla vehicle. The use of a public charging station or a Supercharger of the brand does not require a mobile connector. They are, however, useful for charge your car on a outlet Where domestic.

Is the semiconductor crisis also in the game?

If the main argument put forward by Elon Musk is the low use of these mobile connectors by Tesla vehicle owners, another phenomenon could explain this decision. The semiconductor crisis which affects many fields, including the automotive industry, could also explain why these mobile connectors are no longer standard.

Simply because the parts used to make them are not available? A fact that could also explain the brand’s strategy. The one of who wants offer more adapters so that its followers can use competing mobile connectors.

A theory that should not be taken lightly. Some users have complained that mobile connectors were out of stock. They are currently in France.

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