Tesla dreams, MG does it!

In March 2021, MG put on a show by presenting an electric roadster that made the link with the small English cars of yesteryear, like the MG A and the MG B. If it was officially only a concept car, the reaction of the public was such that the leaders asked the engineers to work quickly on a production version. Well, that’s it, it’s done. The MG CyberSTER has a silhouette and it will, according to rumours, be ready to hit the roads of the Old Continent in 2024.

The patent drawings therefore show the mass-produced version. Bad news, it is quite far from the concept car, which was splendid. That being said, even if the look is more classic, the lines show a nice work on the proportions with a long pointed hood and a truncated stern. The round headlights have been abandoned for optics in ” V “, very fashionable at the moment. The rear lights, which were to draw theUnion Jack, have been replaced by arrow-shaped blocks. This CyberSTER will be equipped with a classic canvas hood. Finally, as promised, the MG CyberSTER will emit no exhaust gases, since its powertrain will be 100% electric. Whether MG don’t tell us a word about the battery or the motor, the firm proudly announces that its roadster would offer a range of more than 600 km, and it would go from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds.

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