Tesla delivered nearly a million electric vehicles in 2021

Tesla is the most valuable automaker in the world, far ahead of historical firms like General Motors, which weighs only 85 billion dollars on the stock market. Elon Musk’s company delivered nearly 1 million vehicles in 2021.

Despite the lingering global semiconductor shortage, Tesla is still increasing its production rate. In 2021, the American manufacturer delivered nearly a million electric vehicles, almost twice as many as the previous year. Elon Musk’s firm ensured 936,172 deliveries during the last financial year, against 499,550 a year earlier, an increase of 87.4% compared to 2020. It was the Model 3 and Y that largely carried the together with 911,208 units delivered, against barely 24,964 luxury models, the Model S and X.

In the fourth quarter, Tesla says it delivered 308,600 vehicles, while analysts had expected 263,026. previous quarter (241,300 deliveries). Note that Tesla, which was founded in 2003, crossed the 200,000 deliveries mark for the first time in the second quarter of 2021 (201,250 exactly). By way of comparison, the electric vehicle manufacturer had provided only 90,650 key deliveries in the same period a year earlier.

Tesla valued at over $1 trillion on Wall Street

With these figures on the rise, Tesla confirms its resilience in the midst of the semiconductor crisis which is penalizing the automotive industry. Many manufacturers have even been forced to close factories for several months in the absence of electronic components to complete the production of their models. The shortfall for the industry would amount to 210 billion dollars in 2021. To overcome the constraints linked to this global shortage, Tesla designs most of its chips in-house and has reprogrammed its on-board software to use less rare fleas.

Separately, Tesla has been able to increase production in China despite increased competition and pressure from Chinese authorities following customer complaints about the safety of its cars. The firm also recalled nearly a million Model 3 and S models worldwide at the end of 2021 due to a problem identified with the trunk locking system. China is an essential country in its production chain since it is from the Middle Kingdom that Tesla ships cars marketed in Europe and certain Asian countries.

Despite the doubts that sometimes surround the safety around its on-board electronics, in particular its Autopilot mode which regularly makes headlines, Tesla continues to gain momentum. The firm now based in Austin (Texas) even crossed the threshold of 1000 billion market capitalization on Wall Street last October after the announcement of an order for 100,000 vehicles by the car rental company Hertz. With an accelerating production rate, Tesla should ensure 1.5 million deliveries in 2022, according to Deutsche Bank. To achieve this objective, the manufacturer will be able to rely on a new Texas factory and an additional Gigafactory in Germany, near Berlin.

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