Tesla could leave you the choice on its Model S and X

Replaced by a Yoke with a questionable design and relative practicality, the round steering wheel could finally be offered as an option. Information that we owe to a hacker who hacked one of the brand’s sites.

The driving position with the hands at 9:15 a.m. // Source: Bob Jouy for Frandroid

During the presentation of the restyling of the Tesla Model S and Model X, a detail had not failed to attract the attention of Internet users and the specialized press: the steering wheel. And for good reason, it was distinguished by a very surprising form, inspired by the world of aeronautics. Baptized Yoke, it had then caused a lot of ink to flow and created controversy, while worrying the brand’s future customers.

Unimpressed by its very surprising design, and unconvinced by its ergonomics, many future buyers and owners of models equipped with this new steering wheel had expressed their dissatisfaction. On Twitter, a user had also challenged Elon Musk, to ask him if a standard steering wheel would be offered as an option, to which the businessman had replied a laconic “no”.

Change in the air

It could finally be that the boss of Tesla is backtracking. If nothing has yet been officially confirmed, while the configurator has not changed, the round steering wheel could indeed make a comeback, we learn Electrek.

At least that’s what a hacker says — greentheonlyknown for his research and findings on Tesla – which was able to enter the brand’s internal system, which lists the various options available to customers.

choose your destiny… pic.twitter.com/E9zdhMHDSa

— green (@greentheonly) February 24, 2022

And there, surprise, it is quite possible to opt for a round steering wheel, instead of the controversial Yoke. News about which neither Tesla nor Elon Musk has officially communicated, but which should already delight potential customers of the brand. Many owners have replaced the original steering wheel with a standard model after purchasing their electric car.

Some developments

Deemed dangerous by many users, especially in the event of emergency manoeuvres, the Yoke steering wheel is therefore far from unanimous among fans of the brand. A lack of practicality that we also owe to the gear ratio of the steering, which would be unsuitable at low speed according to the owners.

Elon Musk then responded to criticism by pointing out that the Californian firm was working on a progressive steering system, but that it would not arrive for several years.

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