Tesla completes a record quarter with more than 310,000 cars delivered

Tesla is a hit: for this first quarter of the year, the American brand is completing a record financial year in its history.

The first quarter of the year has just passed and this is an opportunity for manufacturers to reveal their results. As usual, Tesla draws its figures for the last three months and, despite the industrial context, the American brand explodes its records.

At the start of the year, Tesla therefore honored 310,048 deliveries and produced 305,407 vehicles. This is a record volume in the history of the brand, which is ahead of the last financial year (Q4 2021), when the firm reached a volume of 308,000 units delivered.

Production Delivery
Model S/X 14,218 14,724
3/Y-model 291 189 295 324
Total 305 407 310,048

When others sink, Tesla surfs

Compared to the same fiscal year last year, Tesla recorded an increase of 69%, while the other generalist manufacturers recorded declines for the most part. This is because of the semiconductor crisis and other complications caused by the situation in Ukraine. Despite everything, Tesla keeps its head above water, despite its two successive closures of the Shanghai Gigafactory because of the coronavirus.

In detail, the Model 3 and Model Y are in first place with a total volume of 295,324 deliveries between them. The Model S and Model X represent 14,724 units.

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