Tesla and the Casino sign hand in hand

It was the daily Le Parisien which revealed the agreement between Tesla and the Casino chain. A rather surprising announcement at first glance, but which ultimately appears rather clever.

No need to quibble further: the main obstacle to switching to electric remains for many motorists the question of recharging. Despite the announcements of the various players in the sector and political nudges, it’s not really that yet.

This is why this initiative can only be positive: the idea is to let Tesla deploy Superchargers in the car parks of 31 supermarkets of the Saint-Etienne brand. Each Supercharger will have 8 to 20 terminals. 31 sites would thus be concerned to accommodate these ultra-fast charging points which will be open to all users and not only to Tesla drivers. They will be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The first equipped site is located in Annecy and should be operational this summer. By the end of the year, three other car parks should be equipped, mainly in the south-eastern quarter of the country and then the remaining 27 in 2023.

These will be terminals capable of delivering a power of 250 kW. A Tesla spokesperson specifies that this will “charge in 30 minutes a range of 300 kilometers for a shot between 15 and 20 euros”. The charging power would explain the higher cost than on traditional terminals. He adds: “Originally, our terminals were only compatible with Teslas, but our goal is to open the network to all electric vehicles to accelerate the transition to more sustainable mobility”.

Casino wants to strengthen its action for the environment, knowing that the brand has already deployed 13 charging stations over the past year and installed no less than 500,000 m2 of photovoltaic panels on the car parks and roofs of its stores. Tina Schuler, General Manager of Géant Casino, is obviously very proud of this partnership. She says: “Thanks to this agreement with the leader in electric cars in France and around the world, we are offering a new electric mobility service to our customers. It allows us to respond more and more to their expectations and their needs, and translates our commitments in favor of the climate into concrete terms. We are committed to being the day-to-day partner in the ecological and sustainable support of our customers, by promoting mobility
without constraint. “.

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