Tesla adds Disney+ and a washing mode to its electric cars

At Tesla, a software update is not a trivial event. Indeed, an evolution of the operating system of Model S and other Model 3 often brings improvements to the level of the dashboard, but not only.
New versions of Tesla OS are often an opportunity to see Elon Musk’s electric cars get new features. This is precisely the case with this version 2021.24, the deployment of which has begun.

Improvements all around

One of the main improvements related to the update concerns the TeslaCams, or Autopilot cameras, which had to be activated manually to switch to surveillance mode via sentry mode and which now work automatically.

“The dashcam can automatically record videos when your vehicle detects a security event. The recordings are stored and never transmitted to Tesla”explains the press release from Tesla.

Tesla’s electric cars will now have a “Car Wash” mode, a specific setting for… washing your car.

“Car Wash Mode closes all windows, locks the charging port, and disables windshield wipers and sentry mode. For automatic car washes, the Free Wheel option switches to neutral and prevents the parking brake from being applied automatically when you leave. To access it, touch “Controls, Service, Car Wash Mode” »details the manufacturer.

Disney+ of the party

The update also includes secondary but significant improvements such as the alternative display of the remaining battery. Indeed, now, the user will choose between the number of kilometers to travel and the percentage of remaining battery.

Among the changes that respond directly to a criticism from owners, Tesla is finally offering to disable the electrochromatic rearview mirror. This automatic tinting of the central mirror is not really unanimous among users.
Finally, Tesla has changed the behavior of its Wi-Fi Hotspot function. It now remains active when the car is moving, for passengers. As for the “Theater” part, the leisure space of the OS, it will be possible to find a Disney + icon there next to Netflix, Twitch or YouTube.

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