Terra (LUNA): ruined, an investor goes to Do Kwon

A somewhat heavy investor – For more than a week now, we have been following the setbacks of Terra (LUNA). Indeed, the stablecoin UST still failed to recover its dollar standard. For its part, the LUNA token continues its descent into the abyss.

Do Kwon and Terra caught in the downward spiral

Do Kwon is the emblematic figure of the ecosystem of Terra. Indeed, this one is the CEO of Terraform Labs, the company in charge of the development of the Terra network (LUNA).

Obviously, faced with the collapse of the UST as well as the LUNA, many investors pointed the finger at Kwon in the face of his crisis management. Despite his multiple attemptsthe Luna Foundation Guard still has not completed to stabilize its stablecoin UST and is now considering a forked.

The new channel would take over the brand image of “Terra Luna”while the old one would be renamed “Terra Classic”. However, the details of this maneuver still remain unclear at this time.

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Investor comes knocking at Do Kwon’s home

Of course, in the face of the colossal losses, many investors are personally angry with Do Kwon…so much so that some even go as far as knock on his door to settle their accounts.

Investor arrested at Do Kwon’s home – Source: Yonhap

Indeed, on May 16, we learned that an investor had burst into the Do Kwon’s home. In fact, he entered the building complex in which the CEO of Terraform Labs lives before ringing his doorbell.

With this gesture, our investor wished squeeze Do Kwon for him to assume his responsibilities. According to the information revealed by the Police, the latter declared to have lost between 2 to 3 billion wonor more than $2 million in the Terra (LUNA) crash.

Do Kwon’s wife, who was alone in the residence, contacted the police who quickly arrested the investor. Still according to police information, Do Kwon’s wife claimed a police protection following this event.

For his part, Do Kwon does not have time to stay quietly at home. The latter is still studying all the solutions to restore the LUNA. Other prominent actors, such as Vitalik Buterinadvocate a complete refund small investors.

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