Terra 2.0 (LUNA): Mark Cuban is not interested and postponement of the LUNA airdrop

A new Terra chain will be developed with a new coin (LUNA) as its native token, according to 30-year-old Terra creator Do Kwon. It is dropping UST, the algorithmic stablecoin that collapsed in May 2022. Terra Classic is the new name for the old chain, while LUNA Classic (LUC) will be the new name for the old LUNA (LUC). Holders of the old LUNA will receive an airdrop of the new token.

Cb will you receive? Overall, the allocations of the new #LUNA will be distributed as follows: ➡️ 35% for pre-attack LUNA holders ➡️ 10% for pre-attack aUST holders ➡️ 10% for post-attack LUNA holders ➡️ 15% for post-attack UST holders

Mark Cuban was candid when asked if he was going to invest in the new ecosystem: “No,” he told Fortune. In the past, Cuban had not invested in UST or LUNA: I’m not involved at all.”.

He previously told Fortune that he had never owned any, and also refused to invest in anchora decentralized finance (DeFi) platform based on Terra.

“Investing in cryptos is like investing in any other businesshe said. You check to determine if the product or service is in the long term. »

Cuban holds a diverse portfolio of digital currencies, NFTs and blockchain-based businesses

Terra 2.0 will be deployed at 00:00 ⏰️ If you had LUNA and UST at the time of the pre and (or) post attack snapshots, you will have part of your new LUNA tokens. Normally eligible members on CEX like Binance will be automatically Airdropped 👇 https://t.co/9SPLZoUMK4

The billionaire investor, crypto enthusiast and owner of the Dallas Mavericks seems to have become more cautious about cryptos after his considerable losses on a project called Titan (Titan Token) in June 2021.

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LUNA 2.0, implementation date postponed

Terra submitted a relaunch plan this week, which received some mixed support from the community and was supposed to launch on May 27, 2022. clear.

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