Termination at any time in creditor insurance

Agreement in Parliament – ​​APCADE is delighted with the agreement reached between the Deputies and the Senators on Patricia Lemoine’s bill which offers extraordinary progress for the French people.

This day is to be marked with a white stone. By reaching an agreement on Patricia Lemoine’s bill for fairer, simpler and more transparent access to the borrower insurance market » within the framework of the joint joint commission held this morning, deputies and senators have just taken a leap forward by strengthening the rights of borrowers.

In a context where purchasing power is a central concern, the text resulting from the joint committee represents a significant step forward for the 7 million borrowers who finally regain their freedom of choice and 550 million euros per year of purchasing power! The parliamentarians were able to seize this historic opportunity to open up the insurance market borrowers for the benefit of consumers who have just won the right to change borrower insurance at any time.

It is also a new and wonderful step for the public suffering (or having suffered) from certain pathologies (cancer or hepatitis C) because this bill makes it possible to to reinforce considerably the right to be forgottennotably reducing the period from 10 to 5 years and removing the medical questionnaire for home loans of less than 200,000 euros. All those who were penalized by their state of health until now will finally be able to access housing and we welcome this.

Catherine Charrier-Leflaive, President of APCADEAPCADE has been mobilized for months to make this parliamentary project a reality in the daily life of the 7 million French people concerned. We are delighted that parliamentarians have made the choice of consumers, despite successive blockages by banks. We thank and congratulate Patricia Lemoine who has shown great determination and pugnacity in the service of the French people. We remind you: all audiences, and in particular the most vulnerable, have to gain from the right of consumers to terminate their contract at any time”.

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