Telecommuting: how to be properly insured?

With the pandemic, telework has largely developed. But what about the issue of insurance?

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Telecommuting: what do you need to know?

Teleworking refers to working away from the premises of the company that employs you. Either your contract stipulates that it is a telework position, or an amendment to your employment contract has been made. According to article L1222-9 of the Labor Code, telework must be governed by a collective agreement or by a charter created by the employer. In recent years, teleworking has been developing. But it was really with the COVID-19 pandemic that he imposed himself. Recently, for example, the famous company Airbnb decided to opt for “full remote”, ie telework for all of its employees around the world. Many people choose to “telecommute” from home, but it is not a requirement. Teleworkers can also carry out their activity in a coworking space or even in a business center. Refer to your employment contract/amendment to find out what is authorized by your company.

Insurance and teleworkers

Are you an employee of a company and are you working remotely? It is up to your employer to take out an insurance contract to protect you from various risks such as theft, fire and others. Note that you have the same rights and benefits as your colleagues with “classic” status. And it is of course the company that bears the cost of the insurance. What happens if you get injured while working remotely? According to article L1222-9 of the Labor Code, it is a work accident. The management of the latter is therefore similar to that of an accident having occurred within the company itself. Do you work from home? It may be worth taking out an additional contract protecting your personal property. These are not covered by the insurance contract taken out by your employer. It should be noted that you must generally notify your insurance that you are teleworking. You will then receive a certificate that you must submit to your employer. Keep a copy of this certificate. In the event of loss, you can request a new certificate from your insurer.

Telecommuting and insurance: the different elements to remember

Employees with teleworker status do not have to take any steps to take out an insurance contract. It is indeed up to the employer to manage this part. Are insured by this professional contract: the computer equipment provided by the employer as well as the risks related to the professional activity (protection of personal data, for example). However, your personal property is not protected. It is therefore recommended to take out a specific additional contract (comprehensive home insurance, teleworking home insurance, etc.) or to add certain useful guarantees to the existing contract. Contact your insurance company to find out what you should do depending on your situation. Finally, note that since the Hamon law, after the first year of subscription, you can terminate your insurance contract at any time.


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