Telecom Incubator Paris: the digital technologies incubator

A pioneer incubator in its field

Although the Telecom Incubator originally aimed to highlight the research projects of the school and its students, it quickly opened up to external projects in the early 2000s.

Today, the incubator focuses on projects dedicated to digital technology that offer high technological added value, regardless of the sector of activity (industry, health, FinTech, etc.).

Projects must indeed have a technological base that brings real added value, whether through Artificial Intelligence, data analysis, robotics, cybersecurity, blockchainor, for example, Industry 4.0. We are looking for good CTOs who master their technology, internally! » explains Yann Aprile Bouché, the Head ofParis Telecom Incubator.

Take advantage of the richness of the ecosystem

By turning to the Telecom Paris Incubator, start-ups benefit from tailor-made support, spread over a period of 18 months.

For all the projects, a personalized course is then proposed according to the specific needs and expectations of each actor. Entrepreneurs can thus take advantage of this incubation period through moments of individualized exchanges with business managers, consultants and experts; but also thanks to collective times, with workshops, training, and more festive events, to meet and discuss with all the members of this ecosystem. Another particularity: as part of their course, the students of the school will participate in the project for a semester, through groups of 2 or 3 students.

After a year and a half of incubation, thanks to the richness of this ecosystem and our close ties with the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, start-ups emerge with real technological credibility that will reinforce the legitimacy of their project. “.

Thematic programs around blockchain and cybersecurity

To continue to support many start-ups, the Paris Telecom Incubator wishes to offer twice a year thematic programs focused on a very specific technology.

In this month of April 2022, a program dedicated to block chain is thus offered with several partners such as the school of blockchain Alyra, Adan (the association for the development of digital assets), the company Atka or the investment fund Nebulae.

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During the second semester (September – October 2022), following the same model, the Incubator focuses on highly strategic issues related to cybersecurity.

Collaboration with key accounts

As explained by its manager, Yann Aprile Bouché, the Telecom Paris Incubator now wishes to get closer to major accounts and large companies to work together on various projects around entrepreneurship, project sourcing, or co-innovation. .

As one of the very first French public incubators, the structure has been able to help more than 500 start-ups, with 1,080 million euros raised since 2015, and more than 5,000 jobs created.

While 2021 broke a new record for the number of companies created – according to INSEE, this figure jumped 19% compared to 2020 – many start-ups today need to rely on on reference players to carry out their activity, and avoid certain classic pitfalls.

Attentive to the many technological developments, the teams of the Paris Telecom Incubator wish to continue their efforts to support the entrepreneurs of tomorrow in the best possible way. After passing through the expert hands of the Incubator, the survival rate of start-ups at 5 years is estimated at 86%.

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