Technology. The health translator for allophones

The Urban Lab Erasme de la Métropole de Lyon, located in Villeurbanne, in the premises of the Pôle Pixel, has invented a translator to talk about health with non-French speakers.

Anthony Angelot and Pierre Sibileau are part of the Urban Lab Erasme de la Métropole, based at the Pôle Pixel (Villeurbanne). The place of innovation worked three years ago on a problem frequently encountered by the Maisons de la Métropole for solidarity: the need to welcome foreign families, not comfortable with French, while drawing up a diagnosis sometimes technical health.

Often, this kind of meeting requires a translator, frequently male, adding to the difficulty of the exercise. Hence the call for technology to act as an intermediary. “The prototype has had good feedback, but it is still too bulky. »

Pictograms and a projector

A table, a projector, markers, and a bit of artificial intelligence: a simple basis for the “Interpretable” device. The camera reads the card on its own, on the left, which sets up the theme of the discussion, “pains and fever”, “children and screens”, but via drawings.

The pictograms allow the doctor and the patient to interact without speaking, via crossed out or circled images. Thus, the dialogue is more effective “and less passive than going through a smartphone screen and Google Trad”points out Anthony Angelot.

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