technology removed in 6th grade in favor of math and french

We learned last week that this subject will be replaced by one hour of support or deepening in mathematics and French in 6th grade from the start of the 2023 school year.

At the initiative of ASSETEC (national association for teaching technology), a petition against the suppression of technology in 6th grade has been placed on

This petition, which questions the successive reductions in resources observed in this discipline, collected more than 4,000 signatures in one day.

It is the entire 6th grade science block and integrated education that is at risk of suffering from this erasure, and what will happen to the distribution of hours at the following levels to “recover” this hour lost to technology?

If these decisions are left to the autonomy of the institutions, this risks leading to strong internal tensions within the science bloc.

By questioning what really motivates this suppression of a discipline that has had difficulty recruiting teachers for several years, this petition reminds us of the need “to offer students a coherent education that will promote the emergence of creative and innovative citizens with a real scientific and technical background, able to build the world of the future and even the day after tomorrow”

Aurélie BADARD

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