Technology: exoskeletons supporting the human body


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Dorothée Lachaud presents, Friday, April 1, on the set of 13 Hours, the section on the products of tomorrow. She talks about exoskeletons that help fight hardship at work or help patients walk again.

Friday April 1stthe journalist Dorothée Lachaud East on the tray from 1 p.m. to present the objects of tomorrow. First of all, an exoskeleton “which attaches to one or more members of the human body to compensate for efforts and reduce physical loads”she explains. “Imagine that I am a house painter or an employee in handling… Having to lift loads upwards. Well it keeps my hands up longer”, continues the journalist.

There are other models such as a back belt to put less strain on your back. “This exoskeleton relieves up to 40% of the pressure (…). Pso many hospitals, big companies have already adopted it”she specifies. These two exoskeleton models cost between 5,000 and 7,000 euros. Some would even allow people in wheelchairs to walk again. “A group of French engineers has designed this autonomous walking exoskeleton, intended for paraplegics, or those suffering from multiple sclerosis”details Dorothy Lachaud. Some patients were able to stand and walk again.

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