technology at the heart of industrial production!

Technological development has profoundly transformed modern society, and no sector is spared. We live in an ultra-connected society and digital technology is now permeating all sectors of the economy, and particularly in the industrial sector. We therefore increasingly hear expressions such as: factory of the future, smart factory, connected factory or factory 4.0, expressions that all express the same reality of technology at the heart of industrial production. We talk about it in more detail in this article.

Understanding the concept of the factory of the future

factory of the future concept and definition

The factory of the future is a production unit where technology will make it possible to substantially increase productivity. It will make it possible to meet the diverse and varied needs of consumers, with very short production times. The digital factory will use technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, according to the concept developed by the consulting firm Boston Consulting Group.

The term factory or industry 4.0 clearly evokes the 4th industrial revolution, and was first mentioned in 2011 at the World Industry Forum in Hannover. The interconnected 4.0 factory will therefore be the place for the deployment of the best technologies for better management of production resources, and significantly increased industrial productivity.

In addition, augmented reality, additive manufacturing, big data, cloud computing, simulation, the Internet of Things and cybersecurity are announced to be key technologies for the factory of the future. These sectors are already in full development, with strong potential for the future. It is clearly the end of an era and the beginning of a new one, where the internet and technology will make it possible to work miracles in the field of industrial production. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution slowly unfolds, forward-thinking companies are already making their mark in a future market whose numbers will defy anything the economy has seen to date.

MES software in the factory

The importance of MES in the factory of the future

The term designates in French a controllable system of industrial production and is a problem at the heart of factory 4.0. Indeed, MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software, which appeared in particular in the 1990s, was born out of the need for factories and industries to adapt to an increasingly demanding market. It is a popular computer system for connecting, monitoring and controlling complex manufacturing systems and data flows in workshops, factories and industries. In particular, it allows better control of the life cycle of products and the various factors of production, and also improves production efficiency.

On this site, now discover a general presentation of the MES, to know its scope, as well as the potential benefits for your company. Indeed, MES software has enormous advantages, among which we can mention: an improvement in the quality of the products, an improvement in the regulatory compliance of the products, an improvement in customer satisfaction, a reduction in the duration of the manufacturing and the time to market for new products, a reduction in production costs and better profitability of the machines.

In short, MES allows you to optimize production at your factory level, based on data collected over the entire product life cycle. It is therefore perfectly in line with the idea of ​​a connected and intelligent factory, where production resources will be much better managed, resulting in better productivity thanks to technology.

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