Taxes, housing, inheritance, life insurance: the proposals of the main candidates for your money

The Elysee Palace. (©AFP)

Inheritance is one of the rare economic subjects on which all the contenders for the Élysée have spoken.

Some proposals advocate targeted increases in inheritance tax for the upper middle classes in the name of reducing inequality. Others are announcing cuts to boost economic activity.

The proposals of the six main candidates (listed in alphabetical order) on the very sensitive issue of inheritance and all money matters: housing, retirement, personal taxation, life insurance.

Yannick Jadot – EE-Les Verts The ecologist wants to create climate taxation

Income tax.

Yannick Jadot intends to put an end to the marital quotient so that the tax is paid by individual and no longer by tax household. And review the scale: reduce the rates of the lower brackets, creation of new upper brackets. All investment income would be subject to tax at a progressive rate.

Wealth tax.

A climate ISF would replace the IFI. There would in fact be two taxes: one on all assets (including professional property) from 2 million euros (progressive scale from 1% to 3%), the other from 0.5 % on real estate and financial assets, with a climate malus-bonus (more or less 0.5%).

Life insurance.

The candidate of the Greens would align his regime with the set of rules relating to inheritance and


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