“Take advantage of the latest SIM technology on the market with Moov Africa Togo”

(MOOV TOGO ) – After the SIM card, the mini-SIM, the micro-SIM and the nano-SIM, up to the for example !

First operator to offer the eSim (embedded SIM), Moov Africa Togo now offers its subscribers the “virtual” SIM card integrated into equipment (Smartphone, tablet, connected object, etc.).

With the new eSIM format, there is no need to insert or remove a card from your mobile device. The much smaller eSIM chip is integrated directly into the equipment by the manufacturer. Simply download and activate the profile to immediately use the compatible device.

With the eSim, the Moov Africa subscriber can now:

  • Combine classic SIM and eSIM use on your compatible phone
  • Avoid inserting or removing your SIM
  • Manage several lines on your terminal thanks to a simple configuration

This technological development thus becomes an essential asset when traveling abroad or when using several subscriptions. The eSIM is integrated into the smartphone and makes it very easy to change profiles without changing the SIM card.

To obtain the Moov Africa eSim, go to the contact points or ask your account manager directly (Postpaid subscriber).

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