After ChatGPT ‘Red Alert’, Google should show AI-infused search engine

After ChatGPT 'Red Alert', Google should show AI-infused search engine

Google is infusing artificial intelligence into many of its services and applications, but the search engine has missed the train of content-generating bots. Especially text, which ChatGPT offers with disturbing results. And this train is launched at full speed: ChatGPT can trigger one of those technological revolutions, which redistributes the cards in the technology sector … Read more

a new interface announced soon

Google Home

The new year has gotten off to a pretty good start for Google’s application. According to information reported by 9to5Google, it will soon benefit from a new interface. It will have new features that will help better control connected products. ┬ędimarik16/123RF.COM According to media reports, the application, which has become an essential home automation tool … Read more