EUR/USD: the euro could continue to gain ground in the short term

Dollar case weakens as ECB toughens tone Longer term, the outlook for EUR/USD remains bearish, but the case for the dollar is weakening with the ECB’s increasingly hawkish tone. The recent change in the ECB’s attitude with regard to inflation has had the effect of fueling expectations of key rate hikes by market operators, and … Read more

EUR/USD: the euro is trying to gain ground against the dollar

EUR/USD could bounce up to $1.0637 in the short term From a technical analysis perspective, EUR/USD looks set to gain momentum since the week after returning to major long-term support at $1.0340. It is an extremely important support, because it is the only one blocking the threshold of the euro/dollar parity. A pullback below $1.0340 … Read more

EUR/USD: towards a possible rebound of the euro against the dollar in the short term

The exit of the EUR/USD from its range will set the tempo From a technical analysis perspective, EUR/USD has been rocking between its 2015 low at 1.0462 and its 2020 low at 1.0637 since the start of the month. The outlook is technically neutral in the short term between these two limits, but the risk/reward … Read more

BTC/USD: Bitcoin is trying to bounce off its channel

Bitcoin Takes Reassurance With Jerome Powell’s Comments Wall Street The price of bitcoin rebounded with the stock markets on Wednesday evening, despite the Fed’s monetary tightening. The Federal Reserve unsurprisingly raised its key rates by 50 basis points and announced that the central bank’s balance sheet will start to be reduced in June by $47.5 … Read more

EUR/USD: the dollar at a 5-year high against the euro while waiting for the Fed

The exit of the EUR/USD from its pennant will set the tempo From a technical analysis perspective, the EUR/USD is consolidating inside a short-term symmetric triangle, known as a “pennant” in technical analysis parlance. The output of this figure and the Bollinger bands of the 4 hour time unit will indicate the next course of … Read more

Nasdaq 100: the tech index returns to test the upper limit of its bevel

The Nasdaq 100 benefits from renewed optimism on the situation in Ukraine and China Wall Street indices have picked up a bit in recent days thanks to renewed optimism about talks in Ukraine and a willingness from Beijing to actively support its struggling real estate sector and financial markets. The Nasdaq 100 has regained almost … Read more