Superchargers: Prices are skyrocketing!

As one might suspect, the prices for Superchargers follow the price of electricity which is increasing in Europe… It is therefore important to keep an eye on the prices so as not to be fooled! Charging during off-peak hours can also be a solution, hoping Tesla values ​​the effort…

A European comparison of Supercharger prices

To see what’s going on, here’s a table of prices in different European countries for Tesla drivers, or non-Tesla drivers with a subscription:

Please note that both prices and percentages are (cumulative) averages.

The French case

For this month, France should be at €0.51/kWh, which gives a 67% increase in the price compared to 2020. Soaring electricity prices have therefore indeed impacted the prices charged by Tesla…

Note that the price of 0.68 displayed in the table is for users who do not have a Tesla or a Tesla subscription. We can therefore see a price difference of about 10%. A good reason to opt for the brand! Or for a home terminal…

However, with the surge in raw materials, we are more or less sure that the installation costs a price similar to those that were practiced before.

Comments from Internet users

Between misunderstanding…

On LinkedIn, a testimony is given to us: “I don’t understand, I have a dynamic energy contract at home and the prices are on average much lower than these prices. I understand that Tesla needs to recover its investments, but these prices do not reflect market prices of the day I think. Doubts that we can share.

He goes on to say, “A few weeks ago, I even charged my car and received money (with the electrical operation of his house). They predict this will happen more often on sunny and windy days.” Luckily, he has 8,000 free km left until next year, but that’s not the case for everyone!

…And the will to do better

A user reacts in parallel: “Very interesting! Since I drive a Tesla Model 3, that should mean I’m aware of current rates – but I’m not. Indeed, as we told you earlier, it is important to keep up to date. If we realize that we are paying more, we will necessarily make the effort to drive less to consume less. Or find alternatives!

This is precisely his reaction: “Seeing this new pricing for Germany in particular, I will drive even more economically, to then recharge at home using the solar system”. And yes, there is no secret, energy autonomy is definitely the least expensive.

A broader reflection on energy

This kind of situation (price surge) can lead us to more general considerations on the production of energy. As this internet user points out: “France is the best example of why renewable energies are the way to go (not just any type of nuclear energy)”.

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