Success story and digital transformation

Digital technologies are constantly evolving: an opportunity and a challenge for companies that must reinvent themselves and adapt to optimize their performance.

For 20 years, DFM has been deployed in the service of the digital transformation of companies to the point of converging its expertise towards a simplified 360° support. The goal? Facilitate access to the best of digital to optimize the performance of organizations. A look back at 20 years of innovation, service…and friendship with Dan Djorno, co-founder of DFM.

At DFM, human values ​​are fundamental!

Every business is a story of men and DFM, the story of a friendship that encouraged us, with Franck Makaci and Mikaël Guenni to join forces in 2002 to create a printing solutions company. Today, the friendship is still there and the company has more than 300 employees. Named Great Place to Work several times, DFM cultivates this original story by promoting team spirit, family spirit and good humor.

Our CSR commitment is strong with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certifications, gender parity, employee well-being… and many other commitments that make DFM an attractive company in a very competitive market.

Initially specializing in printing and document solutions, the company has gradually evolved towards a multi-business positioning which is today its identity and its strength. 4 professions structure its value offer and meet all the needs of companies in equipment and consulting: printing, IT, security and telecoms.

DFM seeks and finds solutions adapted to the ecosystem of its customers.

New visual identity, new start?

Since its creation, DFM has been able to integrate, through organic growth or external growth, all of the expertise necessary for comprehensive support of the company’s needs.

We wanted to go further.

By working on the convergence of the company’s expertise, we offer a global solution with a single point of contact for all of these needs. We make life easier for our customers with this promise “Forget the technology, we take care of it”.

Technology is constantly evolving. However, it is only a performance tool for our customers who must be able to remain focused on their core business. DFM was a forerunner of this simplification with its multi-business positioning, it is still innovating with this business convergence.

Our teams have been trained internally by the DFM Academy to build skills on all of our areas of expertise. Each client has a 360° interlocutor capable of carrying out a global audit on the company’s needs and the solutions that correspond to it.

Our new visual identity accompanies this new positioning.

New technologies appear on the market every day, protection against cyberattacks has become a major issue, process optimization and competitiveness gains… it is a question of selecting the right technology for the right use.

The technologies we deploy to our customers are selected and tested internally. Our experts are on the lookout for the technologies of tomorrow to offer a competitive advantage to our customers.

What are the main needs that you identify among your customers?

One of the main ones is simplicity. A well-adjusted and mastered technology knows how to be forgotten and optimize the performance of companies.

More concretely, there are many business challenges with flex office, the tools it requires and the level of security it requires. The telecom system must often be redesigned to integrate telephony on PCs, remote printing systems, landline and laptop convergence and of course access to documents from any place and from any device. .

Security issues are also omnipresent with the proliferation of entry points into corporate IT systems and the explosion in the number of cyberattacks.

More than products, services?

Service is DFM’s DNA. We adapt our response to the client’s needs. From the occasional intervention to the missions of an outsourced IT department. Our experts can intervene on a daily basis on 100% of the company’s subjects with quality support and a strong advisory dimension.

DFM builds and implements turnkey and tailor-made solutions.

DFM is present today in 5 regions of the North, East, Ile de France, Rhône-Alpes and PACA. 26 acquisitions since the creation of the company have strengthened the territorial network of our teams and brought together new talents.

DFM now represents more than 10,000 customers, making it a leading multi-business player.

DFM is continuing its development by exploring the infinite field of new technologies with, in particular, great prospects in the integration of software solutions.

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