Studcorp wants to revolutionize student insurance

“We had to quickly find a plan B. In addition to our historical activity of health insurance for mobile students, we have bounced back by also offering home insurance products,” explains Arnaud Portier.

2022, a real comeback for Studcorp?

With the help of the AXA group, which bears the risk of these contracts, Studcorp, which is a broker, says it offers prices three to four times cheaper than if they had been passed directly by the student. “Our ultra-simplified prices and services, which do not require, for example, to have a bank account before subscribing to them, are offered not to students directly, but to schools which can include these insurances in the tuition fees. . We also establish partnerships with student residences. »

In addition, Studcorp is considering further expanding the range of its services. “We are working on insurance that will cover the tools that are essential to them for their lessons now, smartphones, laptops, against theft and breakage, even in a situation of international mobility. »

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