Strong rebound in stock markets driven by China and Ukraine

World stock markets rose strongly following a succession of good news that we will enumerate: high-level discussions are taking place between the Ukrainians and the Russians, which relieves financial markets. Oil fell below $100 a barrel, which reassures theinflation. The Chinese authorities say they are energetic; they want to support the Chinese financial market and revive the economy. We don’t have any more information at this time. When the Chinese government indicates its desire to revive the economy, we generally have the announcement of a Keynesian plan to boost investment.

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Yesterday evening the fed raised its rates by 0.25 as expected and Jérôme Powell’s speech was rather well accepted by traders. He did not deny inflation or lower growth this year and he indicated that the Fed could raise rates seven times this year.

His speech was not anxiety-provoking, he is not like Bullard and above all he did not deny the problems. Not being in denial reassures more than it generally worries. We had the case recently with Christine Lagarde who rather worried the financial markets when she saw no inflation in the euro zone.

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